Dunamis Training Centre is centered around providing a learning platform for individuals to support them in enhancing their knowledge to optimise their walk in Gods Kingdom. 

 Subject range from biblical studies to self awareness and development to financial freedom and other life areas to deal with the person as a whole.

We offer classroom as well as online options to cater for everyone.

Part of our offering is providing Counselling, Coaching and Mentorship to help individuals reach their full purpose in God.



This course about Illness and Disease is about you being healed in your Soul, Body and Spirit. 
By working though this course you will gain understanding…

Life Balance

When last did you take stock of your current life? When last did you take a good hard look at all the parts of your life that makes up who and what you are? Are you living a balanced life or are you….

Self Esteem

Having healthy self-esteem can influence your motivation, your mental well-being, and your overall quality of life. However, having self-esteem that is either too high…